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Labour Mandi offers a range of high quality advisory and support services to help start-ups and small and middle-market companies successfully establish business operations in foreign markets.

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Our Corporate Social Responsibility.


Child & Woman’s Welfare

Children are an important stakeholder for business – as consumers, family members of employees, young workers, and as future employees and business leaders. Almost every business activity can leave a footprint on children’s lives – whether through employment conditions of parents, product safety, marketing practices or environmental impact.

For Labour Mandi, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to positively changing business practices to better respect and support children’s rights. To achieve this change, we collaborate with companies, government, civil society, children and young people.

At Labour Mandi we have a dedicated unit that works with relevant stakeholders to realise our vision of the private sector as a driver of positive change for children. Labour Mandi nurtures and sponsors many projects designed to educate, employ and empower women and youth in and around the catchment areas of its operations.

Education & Sports

India is the first country in the world to make corporate social responsibility (CSR) mandatory, following an amendment to The Company Act, 2013 in April 2014. Businesses can invest their profits in areas such as education, poverty, gender equality, and hunger.

Labour Mandi is committed to creating an enabling environment for children and young people to develop and evolve as responsible citizens. Through our education initiatives we focus on access, equity and quality of education especially in government schools. Through its education initiatives Cairn has been able to enhance interest in studies and improve learning and teaching practices.

It is our responsibilty to help build the next generations regardless of status. Collectively we can eradicate poverty, educate and support our youths. Social Responsibility & Enterprise has an important role to play in the development of youth education & sports as well as building the future responsible leaders.

Our sport initiatives that can engage the youths:

- A sport event involving the local youths & community that will focus on educating them in team work, respect for each other, taking responsibilty and leadership qualities.
- Closer links with educational and career opportunities organisations for young people and the unemployed.
- Sports Workshops & Clinics – that address life skills values (teamwork, respect for others & hard work) & employment possibilities which can also promote confidence and commitment.
- Partnerships with public schools to encourage committed sports participation in the school curriculum to spot potentials.

"We are hoping to help sportspersons for events beyond 2016, and to get quality sportspersons, we need to start working on them from today! "

V.K. Malhotra, President, AICS

Medical Aids

We believe in giving back to the community and in preserving the culture, values and tradition to create an equitable society. To fulfil our social responsibility, our programmes are designed to meet the emerging needs of society and to make our world healthy and happy.

Our aim was to address the challenges faced by our society and help those that are unable to care for their basic requirements. Our projects were not limited to financial help as we wanted to make a long term commitment and care for their well-being.

Our CSR policy helps ensure that we reach our goals by:

- Reinforcing different NGOs in their missions.
- Enacting green initiatives to preserve nature.
- Organizing awareness programs for the benefit, security and welfare for all ages.
- Providing medical assistance by organizing camps and distributing free medicines.

Environmental Activists

At Labour Mandi, we are fully committed to achieve excellence in Environment, Health and Safety and conduct our activities in more responsible way.

We achieve the same by:

- Complying with all applicable laws and regulations and other requirements as applicable to our operations.
- We provide safe working environment for our employees, contractors, visitors and other stake holders.
- Energy conservation, recovery, recycling, reuse and reduction of waste, minimising hazards and risks, preventing injury and ill health.
- We provide adeguate resources for effective and continual improvement in the EHS management system and its performance.
- Adopting best practices in EHS management system through effective communication and provide necessary training to all employees and contractors.
- We provide system to encourage employees and contractors reporting all incidents including near miss. Also identify and report unsafe acts/ conditions and correcting it by taking appropriate CAPA in a time bound program.